family-funRoastingStick-Mate™ is fun for all ages. It is a tool for food placement over an open fire that allows you to find and maintain that perfect spot for a precision cooking experience. Try having roasting contests to see who can make the most perfect golden brown and uniform marshmallow. With RoastingStick-Mate™ every one has a good chance at it. Even the worst roasters can roast like pros.

relax1You can be hands-on as much as you would like or as little as needed.  This allows mom and dad more time to relax and enjoy the fire.



adult supParents will have a little less stress teaching kids the art of roasting without worrying about the stick moving into the wrong places. As we all know, kids love to experience the campfire any way they can. RoastingStick-Mate™ helps kids take on a bigger role cooking their own food with far more control, helping them achieve roasted food they can be proud of.

hands freeIf the fire is too smoky or unstable on your side of the fire pit, just “set it” and stand back for as little roasting maintenance as needed.

RoastingStick-Mate™ is a helping hand, allowing you to more freely help others or yourself. It even allows you to eat and roast at the same time!

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