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back 3.5x8Our RoastingStick-Mate™ implements a cradle and arm to hold and support almost any type of roasting sticks and works on a very simple principle, the “teeter-totter” system. If one end of the stick goes up, then the other end of the stick goes down. Furthermore, our skewer stand uses a unique height setting locking means that maintains the user’s height preferences, but is easy to adjust as needed. It can also pivot 360 degrees enabling multi-placement over a campfire, making precision cooking possible even in the toughest of campfire conditions. We use heavy duty steel framing and zinc coating for weather resistance and years of enjoyment around a campfire.



We recommend using Telescope sticks for roasting marshmallows and solid rod sticks for meats.

name idOne small feature is the option to personalize your RoastingStick-Mate™ with a pen or marker. We can also accommodate custom orders where your logo or business information can be printed on that space for advertising.

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The adjustable arm can hold stick/fork handles up to one inch in diameter, including knife carved sicks.

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Implementing our Hangnets™, a proprietary magnetic locking system, the arm holds its initial placement, making it easy to remove and reinstall the roasting stick to that same setting.