Householder Luck
2017 Jan 13 By 0 comment

Lucky Paper Towels At ViaECom we are always looking for new ways to have a little backyard fun and bring luck to daily tasks. We have been experimenting for new ways to use our lucky horseshoe design around the home as well as the campfire. Let us know what you think! Lucky Hand Towel In the kitchen we found that our lucky horseshoe design makes a great holder for paper towels. It can also hold dish towels or rags as well as hand towels. In the bathroom it makes a lovely stand…

2016 Sep 07 By 0 comment

Found some fungi in the backyard that make great pedestals for this handmade wildlife sculpture.  

The Forest has a Heart
2016 Sep 05 By 0 comment

It’s amazing what you can capture when you take the time to see the forest, as well as the trees. This forest has a heart…

2016 Sep 03 By 0 comment

A statue with nature’s touch.  

2016 Sep 02 By 0 comment

Squirrel discovered a yard crop circle that appeared overnight. It can only be seen from my roof.

2016 Aug 31 By 0 comment

Our latest product is a durable extension spike. This spike can be driven into even the toughest ground. This spike also serves as a height extension rod for containment fire rings and the like. You can even mount the spike using a drill and a 1/4 inch bit.

2016 Aug 29 By 0 comment

The adjustable stand in combination with our hands on helper stand makes a great combination. With both at your fire pit, there are options for people who are in and out quickly and other people who need slower precision roasting. Together they can service large groups of people and all their roasting needs.

2016 Aug 26 By 0 comment

This bear claw marking found on a tree makes my hand look small.

2016 Aug 25 By 0 comment

Cut logs and slab wood make great inexpensive outdoor chairs and tables that will last for years. These are the latest additions to our fire pit with our new High Heat RoastingStick Stands.

2016 Aug 24 By 0 comment

My friend Squirrel knows the best place to wait for dinner.