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Our RoastingStick-Mate™ cooking stands (The Horseshoe and Campers Models) are made from zinc coated heavy gauge steel. They are durable and made to last. There are many advantages to using the RoastingStick-Mate™ for campfire cooking:

  • Works with all types of roasting Sticks, we recommend Telescope sticks for marshmallows and solid rod sticks for meats or veggie Dogs.
  • No mess – Grills build up with grease, ash and rust, they are heavy and bulky and most importantly “less-fun.”
  • Safety – Kids have better stick control and less food disasters.
  • Smoke or heat – Stand back from the fire and avoid smoke inhalation or getting too warm.
  • Long cooking times – Foods like brats, shish kabobs, chicken, and steak are held steady for longer cooking.
  • Other tasks – Help others, eat, and cook all at the same time.
  • Precision cooking – Holds food in just the right location over a uneven heat cooking environment and gives better end roasting results.
  • The perfect roasting experience, the steady grip of the RoastingStick-Mate™ arm allows not only great open fire placement but good turning control, allowing you the opportunity to roast to perfection.

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