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Summit Chicks REVIEW: Roasting Stick-Mate

Hike By Faith

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The RoastingStick-Mate by Via E Corp works great. We had an awesome family time making s’mores. Only one problem with the Roasting Stick Mate. We only have one. Everyone wanted to use it!
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We call it the, “Handy Dandy Magical Miracle Hot Dog Bratwurst Shish-kabob Roaster Helper”

You never know how much you are going to use something or make it a part of your life until you go somewhere with out it. We have been using the RoastingStick-Mate™ stands for a summer now and have come to love their versatility and simplicity! They are not only adjustable up and down but you can angle them to fit over the fire just right! We love to cook over an open fire, not only hot dogs but bratwurst and shish-kabobs! Bratwurst take so long that we were always trying to find something to “rest” the roasting sticks on. Our shish-kabobs would get a little heavy, again trying to find something to rest the roasting stick on became a challenge and you couldn’t let go of the stick!! With our RoastingStick-Mate™ stand you can adjust it just perfect over the fire and it’s “HANDS FREE”!

We were going camping and I was gathering up the roasting holders and my husband said we didn’t need them. So, I brought one for myself. We had bratwurst one night and guess who hogged the roaster! Everyone was fighting over the roasting holder! My son even rigged it so it would hold two sticks!! What What does that tell you? The hands free feature is so awesome. Whether you have a big or little fire the roasters can be moved and adjusted accordingly and because you can adjust the angle of the sticks you can step away when the smoke gets in your face and you don’t have to worry about your food!

Dawn Pikula , Baxter, Minnesota 

Sit Back and Relax!

Those who love the outdoors understand the pleasure of a spending an evening around a campfire. It was a fun surprise to find that I could make my experience even more enjoyable by cooking with the RoastingStick-Mate™ I found I could sit back, relax, and let the RoastingStick-Mate™ do the “heavy lifting” for me!

S.S., Smoky Mountains, NC

“Knows it is”

Image 1-30-16 at 6.03 PMImage 1-30-16 at 6.04 PM      “RoastingStick-Mate™ ”  the first time I saw the Mate I just thought it was really a great idea. I totally enjoyed sitting by the campfire with my hot dog on the roasting stick watching it roast without having to constantly hold it. It is also really fun and helpful for the kids.

My husband Alex, being less of a product visionary than me, had to first give it a try. After putting it to the test,  he now says he,  “knows it is…”

Mikki & Alex Fraser, Merrifield, MN.

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  1. I had the chance to try the RoastingStick-Mate this summer on a damp day. It was nice to be able to set up the chicken to cook over the fire while we found shelter from the drizzle. The RoastingStick-Mate allowed us to cook evenly and efficiently over our fire and we had great roast chicken sandwiches to warm us up from the chill weather.

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